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Finland trip

Students make an educational and cultural trip to Finland

Equinox Education Services was delighted to be part of a wonderful Christmas program in Rovaniemi and Helsinki in Finland in 2013. This program saw 35 students10-12 year old boys and girls make a once in a lifetime trip to the home of Santa Claus.

To make the program a truly educational event the children spent a full day at Viirinkankaan primary school learning about school life in Finland and taking part in various cultural exchanges with Finnish children their own age. While of course there was a language barrier the children got on in way that only children can. This special day started with the arrival of the children at 08:30am to a magical reception from the local children who were wearing red hoods and running through the trees on the school campus with candles and bells. During this time of year Rovaniemmi has only 2 hours sun and is covered in snow. The reception was magnificent and it set the tone for the who day. The kids played and sang together and showed all the adults the true meaning of Christmas and cross cultural understanding and friendship. During their visit to Finland the kids had the opportunity to sing for Santa Claus and the world during Santa’s Official departure on December 23rd. A special concert was held in the famous Rock Church in Helsinki. The proceeds from this concert went to help the victims of the Tsunami in Japan. The concert was attended by over 400 people was an amazing turn out. Equinox Education was very proud to be part of such a wonderful program.

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