About Equinox Education Services

I have been involved in international education for over 15 years in my roles with International Student Education services (ISES JAPAN). I spent 12 years working with ISES JAPAN being involved with 100’s of unique study abroad programs for groups and individuals worldwide. The people we have assisted range in age from 4 to 90 years old. Upon returning to Ireland I set up Equinox Education Services to provide expert and impartial advice to students interested in a study abroad experience.


Having visited over 500 schools worldwide, with plans to visit many more I can assure you that you can depend on Equinox Education Services for expert advice in all areas of academic and cultural travel. The world is now truly becoming a global village and experiences such as the ones offered on this website help us all to broaden our own horizons and promote international understanding and cultural awareness.

Noel Doyle
Director and Founder
Equinox Education Services