Getting The Most Out Of Your School Trip Abroad With Equinox

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Equinox Education Services delivers the most rewarding and high-class travel trips abroad for students, allowing young people to not only experience a new culture but also to broaden their horizons while becoming immersed in their country of choice & learn the language to a high standard. Too often TY trips abroad are about historical tours, […]


Equinox Study Abroad Information

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Equinox Education Services founded in 2005 is now entering into it’s 2nd Decade in the field of International education and cultural awareness programs. We have spent the last decade helping individuals and groups who wish to study abroad and experience new cultures and will continue to assist students with our learning programmes well into the future! Our […]


Tips to learn Spanish for Beginners

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Hola amigos! Which means “Hello friends” in Spanish. Learning a language in one of the most beautiful countries in the world is certainly a rewarding experience. The language is one of the fastest spreading languages in the world and is often listed as among the easiest for English speakers to learn. Be patient A lot […]


Tips to learn German for Beginners

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Guten tag! Sprechen sie deutsch? That means “Good day! Do you speak German?” If you didn’t know that, don’t worry. Learning a new language can be tough and intimidating, especially a language like German, where you have really unusual verbs and genders for each and every individual noun in the entire language. Submerge Yourself It’s […]

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Reasons to study in Portugal

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The UEFA Euro 2016 Championship ended in tears of joy as Christiano Ronaldo brought his team to an epic first victory for Portugal. Many fans cheered on and why not follow them back to their homeland to witness for yourself the many other wonders Portugal has to offer while you study English? Portugal has a […]


Why study in Italy?

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Ciao amici! Do you want to be a true global citizen with a deep knowledge of the Italian language and culture? Have the opportunity to study or work abroad? Gain skills for work in an international context and eat great pasta all at the same time? Studying Italian will open a gateway for you onto […]


Reasons why you should study French abroad?

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Ooh la la where do you begin? There are so many wonderful reasons to hop on a ship or a plane to get there. Almost all of France is within 3 hours of Paris. There are more than two hundred historical monuments and museums in Paris alone. The Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay in Paris […]