Tips to learn German for Beginners

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Guten tag! Sprechen sie deutsch?

That means “Good day! Do you speak German?” If you didn’t know that, don’t worry. Learning a new language can be tough and intimidating, especially a language like German, where you have really unusual verbs and genders for each and every individual noun in the entire language.


Submerge Yourself

It’s almost impossible to learn a new language, or at least to learn it rapidly, unless you begin thinking in that language. But how do you think in a new language you can’t yet speak? The answer is to simply submerge yourself in it. Travelling in a foreign country allows you to continuously hear the sounds, rhythms, and varieties of a new language spoken on the streets, etc. Your brain will already start to process and interpret a new language.

Find your learning style

Everyone has a different way of learning things. So if you’re stuck using an old method that others have pushed on you, and you’ve found it’s just not working out, then maybe it’s time to move on to something new. For instance, if you’re a visual learner, then put that text book down for a moment and explore new options.

Think like a Baby

How do babies learn a language? Through imitation, repetition of sounds, and above all, by not being shy or self conscious.

Locate a Pen Pal

Finding a pen pal, or having someone you can practice your German with frequently, is an excellent way to keep the language fresh in your mind, even when you’re not studying it on an academic level. While exchanging letters or emails once isn’t going to boost your language skills instantly, if you’re dedicated to studying German on a regular basis, this is at least something you can do to accompany your course work.

How do you say?

Besides common greetings, the one phrase you should memorize and always have at the ready is the phrase is “How do you say that? / What is that called?”

Learn new words

Even if you don’t know how to conjugate or even use the word in a sentence, learning some vocabulary is a great way to get motivated to learn German. There’s no denying the fun in being able to communicate something in more than one language, and if there’s a language you’re dedicated to studying, reading up on some translations of your favourite words is an excellent way to keep that interest alive. Plus, it’s something you can do every day. So, grab an English to German dictionary and get reading!

Visit Germany

This is the last tip on the list, because obviously not everyone can jump onto a plane or a train and go straight to Germany. However, if the opportunity arises to visit Germany, or even stay there for an extended period of time, take it! If you’re in school, travel abroad programs are meant specifically to introduce you to other cultures, study in their schools  and learn the language the natural way, by being surrounded by it all day, every day.

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