Why study in Italy?

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Ciao amici! Do you want to be a true global citizen with a deep knowledge of the Italian language and culture? Have the opportunity to study or work abroad? Gain skills for work in an international context and eat great pasta all at the same time?


Studying Italian will open a gateway for you onto one of the world’s most beautiful languages and one of its richest cultures. Italy is one of the top five economies in the world and many employers are seeking people who speak both Italian and English. It is a country of business, full of international organizations and innovation. Italy is a world leader in the culinary arts and fashion to name just a few. Their history is of great importance, the Roman period and the Renaissance are perhaps the two most influential moments. 60% of the world’s art treasures are found in Italy. Some of the worlds most famous artists, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci were Italian. Italy has the cultures, landscapes, and histories to fill a lifetime of investigation.

You will find it beneficial to communicate with people who are native Italian speakers. In any area of business, it is always best to know the client’s language. To travel to Italy and experience the importance of Italian culture. Any area of specialization you are in, knowledge of Italian is not only helpful, but often necessary for academic, business, or social research. Learning Italian increases your skills in analyzing, discussing, and categorizing information and ideas.


Taste some of the best food the world has to offer. From Milan known for its Risottos, to Bologne known for its Tortellini and Naples the home and birth place of Pizza. Italy is an artist for making the best pasta and don’t forget the wine, coffee and cheese. You will be in culinary heaven.

Broaden your horizons and study Italian.

Browse some of our beautiful destinations in Italy like Milan and Genoa, to name a few of what we have to offer.

Prices start from €270 per person per week.

The current programmes we have to offer can be found here.

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