Age: 19
Nationality: Irish
Type of School: Language School
Destination: France
Duration: 2 weeks
Accommodation: Host Family

“I had a great time in France. Equinox found the perfect school for me and was on hand to assist me with all aspects of my trip. While my trip was only 3 weeks it was a wonderful experience and I thank Equinox Education Services for all your help”

David – Ireland

Individuals Studying Worldwide

Irish student takes a language program in France

The parents of a 19 year old male (David) contacted Equinox Education Services on behalf of their son who wanted to study for 2 weeks in France. They had no idea where to start! We listened carefully to their ideas and were happy to recommend a number of good schools.

We discussed with David and his parents about which of these schools fitted his needs best, taking into consideration several criteria such as location, budget, class size etc.

Once the school was decided upon we took care of the enrolment process.

Home-stay accommodation was arranged so that David would have the support of a local family as well as the benefit home cooking for the duration of his stay.

David and his parents arranged his flights and off he went to France to enjoy a great two week language program where he mixed with students from all over the world. He also took part in several cultural and social events.

Whilst David was away we were available to assist at any time should a need arise, taking all the anxiety away from participating in such a study abroad experience.

Why not let us at Equinox use our knowledge and experience to help you plan your dream study abroad trip today.

Program ElementsCosts
Equinox Counselling & Assistance€100.00
Tuition & Activity Program Fee for 2 weeks at 20 lessons/week€340.00
Homestay Accommodation (half board) Two Weeks €338.00

Age: 15
Nationality: Japenese
Type of School: Language School & Secondary School
Destination: Ireland
Duration: 10 Months In Total
Accommodation: Host Family

Individuals Studying In Ireland

Japanese student studies for an academic year in Ireland

At Equinox Education Services we work with a number of private secondary schools in Ireland to place international students in both long and short term programs. We also work with several recognised language schools and often arrange comprehensive study packages in Ireland that include a full guardianship service for students under 18.

To demonstrate the type of program we can put together please take a quick look at the following case study. Equinox was approached by the parents of a 15 year old Japanese girl who wanted to spend a year in Ireland. After the initial discussion Equinox researched a number of suitable schools and were able to give the parents a number of viable options taking into account several criteria such as location, budget, guardianship requirements etc.

The program selected had two parts:

Part 1:
Private Language School in Dublin – 4 Week Junior Summer English Program

Program ElementsCosts
Full Board Host Family Accommodation
Airport Transfer upon arrival
Placement Test and Interview with Academic Manager
ESL Course ( 20 group classes per week )
Afternoon Activity & Sports Program
Skills report on completion with recommendations from teachers
Use of Centre Facilities
24 Hour Student Support system
Pastoral Care

Part 2:
Academic year at a Private Secondary School
Program ElementsCosts
Full Academic Year at Private Secondary School

10 Months full board accommodation with a selected Irish host family
Homestay placement service
School uniform & Curriculum text books
Tuition fees to Secondary School
Academic & social support of student
Administration and Application fees
Equinox Education Services Fee€250.00
Guardianship Fee (€200 per month)

Airport Transfer
Visa Assistance
School arrangements
Attend School meetings on behalf of parents
Assistance with travel arrangements
Send School Reports to Agent/parents
Available to assist student (if problem can not be sorted by phone or e-mail, and a visit is required then, this is charged at a rate of €200 per visit plus expenses)
Small Deposit to pay misc. charges

This is used when small charges occur, balance will be returned by the end of the year.
Student will be asked to sign for each transaction.

Age: 10 to 12 Years
Number of Students: 35
Nationality: Japanese
Type of School: Primary School
Destination: Finland

Groups Studying Worldwide

Japanese students make an educational and cultural trip to Finland

Equinox Education Services was delighted to be part of a wonderful Christmas program in Rovaniemi and Helsinki in Finland in the summer of 2011. This program saw 35 Japanese 10-12 year old boys and girls make a once in a lifetime trip to the home of Santa Claus.

To make the program a truly educational event the Japanese children spent a full day at Viirinkankaan primary school learning about school life in Finland and taking part in various cultural exchanges with Finnish children their own age. While of course there was a language barrier the children got on in way that only children can.

This special day started with the arrival of the Japanese children at 08:30am to a magical reception from the local children who were wearing red hoods and running through the trees on the school campus with candles and bells. During this time of year Rovaniemmi has only 2 hours sun and is covered in snow. The reception was magnificent and it set the tone for the who day. The kids played and sang together and showed all the adults the true meaning of Christmas and cross cultural understanding and friendship.

During their visit to Finland the kids had the opportunity to sing for Santa Claus and the world during Santa’s Official departure on December 23rd.

On Christmas Day a special concert was held in the famous Rock Church in Helsinki. The proceeds from this concert went to help the victims of the Tsunami in Japan. The concert was attended by over 400 people which considering it was Christmas Day was a an amazing turn out.

Equinox Education was very proud to be part of such a wonderful program and was delighted to work in association with ISES JAPAN to make this dream program a reality.

Age: 13 to 17 Years
Number of Students: 35
Nationality: Japanese
Type of School: High School
Destination: Ireland

Groups Studying In Ireland

Japanese students make an educational and cultural trip to Ireland

In the summer of 2012 Equinox Education Services in association with ISES JAPAN designed and ran a tailor made academic short term program for a Japanese School at Kilkenny College, Kilkenny, Ireland. 35 boys and girls ranging in age from 13 to 17 came with their 2 teachers to the medieval city of Kilkenny and undertook a program that ran from July 25th till Aug 10th.

During the program the students learnt English as well as a variety of educational and cultural activities. Students stayed with local host families and were joined in classes each day with Kilkenny College students who acted as conversational partners or “Buddies”.

This Japanese School has sent students to USA, Australia, UK and Canada but this was the school’s first visit to Ireland.

The program was a huge success for all involved and is the start of a long term relationship between Kilkenny College and the Japanese School. Key to the success of this program was the extensive experience that we at Equinox Education Services have in running such programs. By working closely with both schools Equinox came up with a truly unique and bespoke program that not only made sure all students had a rewarding time but that the foundations were laid for long term relationships and it is hoped that students from Kilkenny will also visit Japan.

A Typical day in the program:

08:00 : Breakfast with Host Family
09:00 : Arrive at Kilkenny College for Classes
09:00 – 11:00 English Class with Irish Students as conversation partners
11:00 – 11:30 – Break
11:30 – 13:00 Class about Irish Culture
13:00 – 14:00 – Lunch on Campus
14:00 – 16:00 – Activities like Sports, Guest Speakers & Cultural Visits

16:00 : Evening – Free Time with Host Family

During their visit the students had the opportunity to visit Dublin, Waterford, Newgrange, Knowth, Kilkenny Castle as well as experience local sport and cultural highlights. In addition some students went on local radio to talk about their experience in Ireland.

When it came time to leave there were many tears and quite a few of the visitors are interested in returning to Ireland to study long term while all students expressed an interest to visit again.