Guardianship Services

Terms and Conditions

We do our best to give comfort to parents and students while student is in Ireland.  We make sure they are comfortable and well looked after, so that they can enjoy school life and have a wonderful time in Ireland. Equinox Education Services will act as parents for students under 18 years old studying in Ireland.

Guardianship fee €250 application fee plus €200/ month

Guardianship fee includes:

  • Meet and Greet Service ( 1 Collection & 1 Drop off )
  • Visa assistance
  • School Arrangements
  • Attend School meetings on behalf of parents
  • Assistance with travel arrangements
  • Send school reports to agent/parents
  • Emergency contact 24 hours a day/ 7days a week
  • Arrange to get mobile phone if required
  • Host Family arrangement for school holidays for boarding students  etc ( Host Family Fee charged separately )

Not included:

  • If problem can not be sorted by phone or e-mail and visit is required then this is charged at a rate of €200.00 per visit plus expenses. Details of such visits will be shown on the end of term statement .
  • Extra Airport Transfers : If extra transfers are required (i.e. going home for a long holiday) €100.00 each way
  • Host family accommodation fee

Returnable Guardianship deposit: €1,000.00

This is used to pay for expenses occurred by the student during the year.

  • bedding (if boarder)
  • PE clothes
  • swim suits
  • school trip etc.

A detailed statement will be kept and balance will be returned at the end of the academic year.

*Please note*

Full details of expenditure are furnished to the parents at the end of each term along with a request to bring the deposit fund back to maintain a minimum of €500.00. If at any point during the term funds become low, an interim request  for additional funds will be sent. No major payments (anything over €350.00) will be made without parental permission.


  • All the payment must be paid within the due date shown on the invoice.
  • All the bank charges must be pain in the country of origin and full invoice value must be received.
  • All the payment must be paid by euro.

***Please note that in any circumstances guardianship fee are not refundable once the service starts . If a student cancels before they arrive Guardianship fees are returned minus the €250 application fee.

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