Study Chinese in a Chinese City

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Study Chinese in a Chinese City china

Learn Chinese where it is spoken. Totally immerse yourself in Chinese culture and society and see a different way of life.


Program Details

General Information:

School: Hutong School
Locations: Beijing
Age Range: 16 +
Dates: All year

Courses & Prices:

Internship Programme
Intensive Chinese Programme

Programme Features:

• Various accommodation options
• Adult courses
• Class size 5
• Adjacent to international airports
• Airport transfer available

What You Will Experience

With the Internship programme you can combine a professional experience with learning Mandarin; with the second programme you can focus on the language and improve your level very quickly. We offer internships that are real working experiences and you will know in advance your internship company and exact internship position. Our teaching method is innovative and very personalised (4- 5 students in each class, on average). Our students live in shared apartments in the city centre, so that they can fully enjoy the city and their China experience. We can also offer homestay programmes, upon request. Following years of rapid expansion in China, Hutong School also started offering Chinese classes abroad, with a first branch in Brussels, which opened in October 2013. In 2014, we started offering internships in Chengdu.

Hutong School has been offering Chinese classes and internships in China since 2005. The main programmes we offer in China (Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu) are the Internship programmes and the Intensive Chinese programme.

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