Study Korean Where it is Daejeon

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Study Korean Where it is Daejeon korea, republic of

Take the opportunity to study business in the modern and dynamic country of South Korea.

Starting from $14,000 per academic year

Program Details

General Information:

School: SolBridge International School of Business
Locations: Daejeon, South Korea
Age Range: 17 +
Dates: Spring & Autumn

Courses & Prices:

• Enrollment Fee
• Tuition
• Domitory
• Orientation week meals
• Security Deposit
• Activity Fee
• Annual Insurance

Programme Features:

Established: 2007
Public or Private: Private
School Setting: Inner City
International Students: 70%

What You Will Experience

Woosong Education Foundation, our principal funding source, was founded in1954 by Kim Jung-Woo with the aim of educating students who could take the initiative in rebuilding the Korean economy. Towards the end of the 20thcentury Woosong Education Foundation established a new undertaking, a university, to contribute to the Global community. This initiative leads to the development of SolBridge International School of Business in 2007 and its mission to become one of the top 5 business schools in Asia within 10 years.

According to the results of the Youth Dream University survey, Woosong University was placed among the 10 best universities in Korea on a par with Seoul National University, Korea University, Yeonsei University, and Sogang University, based on their student support, employment rate after graduation, and overall educational quality. In particular, Woosong University was recognized for its capacity to meet the socio-political and economic demands of our modern times by helping students develop their hidden potential and talents through student-focused innovative educational programs, extracurricular activities, and career prospects!

All the business courses offered at SolBridge are taught in English; it is not necessary to know Korean while completing Bachelor or Master programs at our institution. Nevertheless while studying at SolBridge, students will be required to take one Asian languages (Korean, Chinese or Japanese) as a second language. Thus, they come with their native language, operate in English, and learn a third – we believe this will provide a significant advantage in the world of 21st Century competition.

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