The 10 Hottest Destinations for Irish Students Studying Abroad – Summer/Autumn 2016

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hot spots

hot spotsFrance: Not just this year’s European Football Championships… There’s something for everyone – art, leisure, food, entertainment, as well some breathtaking scenery.

Germany: Home of the Oktoberfest, there is beer, but also so much more – castles, history (there are several World War II sites still around), music, valleys, mountains, and spas.

Spain: Whether it is the Gothic-styled churches in Madrid or the beach in Barcelona, the country is a one-stop destination to experience the whole of Europe, including nightlife in Ibiza.

Scotland: You could take a trip to the Scottish Highlands and find out what makes the whiskey there so special; or visit Loch Ness to see if the monster really exists.

Italy: The gondola ride in Venice apart, there are plenty of vineyards and beaches, as well as Roman ruins.

Japan: From climbing Mt. Fuji to experiencing zen at serene Shinto shrines located amidst cherry blossom trees, you can also eat ramen all day in the Land of the Rising Sun and discover why the Emperor is so loved by the Japanese.

USA: With it being one the largest countries in the world, there is everything here. You could experience the whole world in the US of A.

Brazil: Football, capoeira, samba, nightlife or the Amazon jungle – take your pick.

Switzerland: Witness the majesty of the Alps at Jungfrau or simply enjoy the other things in life that the Swiss have perfected – chocolate, cheese and clocks/watches. This is the best place to go skiing in the whole of Europe.

China: The world’s largest population is also comprised of many cultures. Visit the world-famous Shaolin Temple, the home of kung-fu; see the Terracotta Army at Xi’an; walk along the Great Wall; or see giant pandas at Chéngdū. You can also now gain entry to the Forbidden City, or simply enjoy Beijing duck in the capital.

We’ll be doing in depth features on each destination in the coming weeks… watch this space.

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