10 Reasons Why You Should Study a language in that country

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Thinking of improving your ability to speak or write a foreign language this Summer? What better way to learn a language than to actually experience & live in that country for a few weeks this summer! There’s nothing like being in the country and speaking it. We here at Equinox can assist you with achieving those dreams through customised study abroad programmes for all ages and levels.

1. Studying abroad is the best way to learn any language properly: Simply no other better way to learn a language more effectively than to be surrounded by a culture that speaks the language you are learning on a daily basis. You are hearing it and seeing it being written in proper cultural circumstances. Whether you are young or old, language learning happens faster in these cases.

2. Allows you to get to know the culture properly: So many cultures dot the world we live in that we have cultural differences in food, language, appearance and cultural habits. A persons culture reflects many different perceptions in regards to beliefs and values that influence their passionate way of life.

3. Will help you develop skills and experience no other classroom in your own country will provide: Being absorbed in an entirely new cultural setting might be scary to imagine but it is also very exciting. It is an opportunity to discover new strengths, abilities, conquer new and solve new problems.

4. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to make new friends around the world: You will meet natives in your area, as well as people from other parts of the world who also want to learn the same language. You might also learn new words from their languages.

5. Entails the opportunity to travel: While weekend breaks will enable you to venture out around your area and explore more distant surroundings. Finding places that you would not have had the opportunity to visit before will suddenly become available to you. Some study abroad programmes even have field trips planned into the curriculum that both young and old students can enjoy.



6. Helps you learn more about yourself: When you return home, you bring back what you learned from your own experiences while studying a language. The experience often challenges you to re-evaluate your own beliefs and values. On a positive note it may help students strengthen those values or it may help you alter your own way of life for the greater good.

7. Expands your view of the world: Generating the comparison between other cultures, some tend to be blinded about the world beyond your own boundaries. We learn a lot from each other as people, us citizens of the world and will challenge your thoughts to put them into the right less biased perspective towards other cultures and people.

8. Gives you the opportunity to break out of your own daily routine: Learning a new language in a different location would be unique to the way you learn a language in your own homelands. You will have an entirely new academic system. Break away from a routine you are used to, to challenge yourself to a new one.

9. Enhances employment opportunities: From an employers insight, a person who studied abroad is willing to take on new challenges, become more independent, accept new cultures and new people, self motivated, able to tackle risks involved in new surroundings.  Studying abroad can help your curriculum vitae in many ways like boosting your earning potential, help your career progress and even inspire your own start up business.

10. Enhance your language skills for your study examinations! 

Our amazing destinations like Madrid in Spain, London in The United Kingdom, Paris in France and Milan in Italy are only just a few of what we have to offer. Prices start from €220 per person per week.

The current programmes we have to offer can be found here.

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