Why Study a Language overseas?

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Learning a language abroad

We all learn a second language or two in school, weather it is French, Spanish, Japanese or whatever. Does this mean we can speak this language? Lets take schools in Ireland as an example. We often spend 5 years learning a second language and indeed 15 years if we include Irish but most of us would be hard pressed to string a few sentences together.

learning a language abroadDoes this mean we wasted our time? No, of course not but in Ireland and indeed most English speaking countries we fail to bring learning a second language to the next logically step – total Immersion in the language. Just a few weeks studying overseas, staying with a local host family can improve your language ability to no end. Some of the reasons to travel overseas to learn a language?

Immersion Among Native Speakers

A big advantage of enrolling in a foreign language study abroad programme is that you are completely immersed in that language. According to a study performed by The National Foreign Language Center at Johns Hopkins University, full language immersion has been shown to yield overall better foreign language acquisition than can be achieved in the classroom in part because you are surrounded by native speakers of the language.

Contextual Learning

Learning within a foreign environment surrounded by native speakers gives you the opportunity to interact in your foreign language in everyday contexts. Whether it is new vocabulary while shopping or eating out, new grammar when interacting with others or new gestures used when speaking, learning within these contextual situations will help you feel more confident about your foreign language abilities and it will help you achieve fluency in your chosen foreign language faster as you use it in real-world situations.

Cultural Experience

Foreign language study abroad programmes offer students an opportunity to experience a foreign culture, its practices and its customs. Students often gain personal perspective through such enrichment, discovering new skills or values they didn’t know they possessed.

Professional Preparation

Studying a foreign language abroad can amplify your preparation for a career working with foreign cultures or nations. If a career in such a field, such as international business or humanitarian work, is potentially in your future, gaining personal experience within foreign cultures will help you develop valuable skills for working in these cultures in the future.

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