Our History

Equinox Education Services was founded by Noel Doyle who has been involved in international education and cultural exchange for over 20 years . Promoting Ireland as study destination as well as arranging and assisting Irish students study overseas .

Below we outline a brief history of Equinox Education Services.

Equinox Education Services Established
Welcomed the first short term students to Ireland
Welcomed the first long term students to Ireland to study at Irish Secondary school
Welcomed first long term University students to Ireland
Started advising Irish students on studying overseas
Official Partnership with ISES JAPAN
Started sending our first Irish students to Europe
Welcomed first Japanese group to Ireland
Choral program for Japanese & Irish Choirs
Started promoting international High Schools, Colleges & universities in the Japanese market place.
First Summer School in Carlow & Kilkenny to welcome Japanese students
Christmas Program in Rovaniemi (Finland) for Elementary Kids
Our biggest year welcoming several long term students and sending several
students overseas and had first exchange at university level.
Successfully represented 20 selected educational institutions worldwide.
Continue to represent top-class educational institutions which we have gone on to
place both individual and groups.
5 school group exchange programs developed and delivered
Assisted over 25 students study overseas
Looking forward to celebrating our 10th anniversary.
Art exchange program for kids between 8-15 from Japan & Ireland
Start of Equinox Academic Institute
Opened summer centers in Carlow, Kilkenny, Athy.
9 school group exchange programs developed and delivered
Official Partner with MyStudy in Malaysia for Secondary School students
Opened 4 summer centers in Carlow, Kilkenny, Athy and Thurles
Welcomed over 300 students to Ireland
Assisted over 50 students travel overseas for education
Will Launch 1st Equinox Study Abroad Directory