Promote Your School In Japan and Aisa

"Equinox Education Services helped me introduce our school in Ireland and Japan which hugely assisted our marketing efforts in these regions. Equinox were very easy to deal with and were full of great ideas" Andrea – USA

"Thank you very much Equinox for your wonderful Service. We received our first Japanese student through this promotion and we look forward to many more in the future." Micheal - Ireland

"This service was a great addition to our marketing in Asia and allowed us to make new contacts that we would not have made on our own."  Catherine - Australia
Equinox Education Services in association with ISES JAPAN has over 46 years experience promoting schools in the Japanese Market place. We work with a number of public and private schools all over Japan. We surveyed over 500-1000 Japanese schools per year to find out which schools are interested in sending their students overseas. From the survey results we arrange to visit schools twice a year to introduce overseas schools.

What we are proposing is to represent a small number of  schools and colleges that are interested in the Japanese market and who do not have strong contacts in Japan already or would like more. This project started in 2012 and the results of the first set of visits were extremely positive and resulted individuals and groups going overseas as a direct result of this project. This year we are looking at working with 10-12 schools worldwide so that we can offer the Japanese students/parents various options. While it is relatively easy to make appointments with agents in Japan it is extremely difficult to arrange a visit to a school. By having direct contact with a school you have much greater exposure to students,teachers and parents. This is where ISES JAPAN’s & Equinox Educational Services experience and contacts prove invaluable.

Equinox Education Services and ISES JAPAN  will promote your educational institution to the network of schools we work with which gets your promotional materials into the hands of the decision makers.

As you do not personally need to travel to Japan you save money on flights, accommodation, meals etc. We have vast experience in knowing the various aspects of each program to promote in the Japanese market and in dealing with Japanese academic staff. As mentioned we will only represent a small number of schools and colleges. The cost to each school is €725 or US$995 and includes:
Full Profile of Schools visited including contact persons details so that you can also follow up after our visit.
Your materials distributed in a special presentation package to be left at the Japanese educational institution.
Japanese Insert created, translated and printed by our experience staff.
Detailed report on each institution visited including their comments about study abroad.
Detailed report on marketing in Japan.
Full follow up service after the trip (We assist students who wish to apply to your school).
Costs€725.00 or US$995.00

This is an ideal opportunities to promote your programs in Japan without the huge expense of flights, accommodation, meals not to mention utilising our existing relationship with these key people.

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