Worldwide Language Programs

For your convenience Equinox Education Services has compiled a list of sample programs and costs for various course worldwide. This is just a sample of the many programs offered by schools, colleges and universities worldwide that we work with. If you are interested in any of these courses or indeed any other courses please do not hesitate to contact us for complimentary and expert advise.

We also organise language programs with skiing, soccer, sailing, art, wine tasting activities

Worldwide Language Programs with Activities


Sample Costing for Worldwide Language Programs Check back daily for new additions

School NameCountryCourse nameDurationApplication feeTuition feeHomestayResidencecourse details (link)
CHE Buenos AiresArgentinaCombination course (20 + 10 lessons per week)1 weekUS$70.00US$420.00US$270.00(HB)US$320/monthVew Profile
CHE Buenos AiresArgentinaIntensive course (20 lessons per week)1 weekUS$70.00US$210.00US$270.00(HB)US$320/monthVew Profile
Fulford Preparatory CollegeCanadaESL Summer Camp (Boarder)( activities, transfer, accommodation included)2 weeksCA$2,000.00View Profile
Entre Volcanes Spanish AcademyCosta RicaIntensive Immersion Spanish1 week€15€180€130.00 (FB)View Profile
Entre Volcanes Spanish AcademyCosta RicaPrivate Immersion Spanish1 week€15€160€130.00 (FB)View Profile
Entre Volcanes Spanish AcademyCosta RicaStandard Immersion Spanish1 week€15€140€130.00 (FB)View Profile
Accent FrancaisFranceStandard French1 week€80€220€190.00 (HB)€350View Profile
Accent FrancaisFranceBonjour La France4 weeks€80€1824€190.00 (HB)€350View Profile
BMA Biarritz School FranceGeneral Course 20 lessons + 3 activities included1 week€30€320€260.00 (FB)View Profile
Cork English AcademyIrelandGeneral English 20 hours per week1 week€65€199€160.00(HBD/FBE€125View Profile
Cork English AcademyIrelandSpecial Offer Package (20 lessons tuition + accommodation)1 week€65€240includes in tuition feeView Profile
Cork English AcademyIrelandSpecial Offer Package (20 lessons tuition + accommodation)1 week€65€305includes in tuition feeView Profile
Griffith Institute of Language LimerickIrelandGeneral English 15 hours per week1 week€145€150.00(FB)70€View Profile
International House MilanoItalyStandard group course (20 lessons/week)1 week€80€218€250.00(HB)View Profile
International House MilanoItalyIntensive group course (28 lessons/week)1 week€80€288€250.00(HB)View Profile
International House MilanoItalySuper intensive programme (30 lessons/week)1 week€80€630€250.00(HB)View Profile
ih Lake ComoItalyStandard General Language1 week€75€240€380 (FB)€220View Profile
OrbitLinguaItalyStandard course (20 hours in group + 10 ind.)1 week€50€480€270.00(HB)€180View Profile
OrbitLinguaItalyStandard course (20 hourse in group + 5 ind.)1 week€50€340€270.00(HB)€180View Profile
OrbitLinguaItalyStandard course (20 hourse in group)1 week€50€200€270.00(HB)€180View Profile
ACE English MaltaMaltaACE GRP 20 General English Course1 week€25€150€160.00 (FB)(LS)€180.00(LS)View Profile
ACE English MaltaMaltaACE GRP 30 General English Couese1 week€25€230€160.00 (FB)(LS)€180.00(LS)View Profile
ACE English MaltaMaltaACE Intensive 301 week€25€385€160.00 (FB)(LS)€180.00(LS)View Profile
Elanguest English Language SchoolMaltaGeneral English (low season)1 week€165€192.50 (HF)€98View Profile
Woonsong Univeristy South KoreaKorean Language course1 semesterUS$50.00US$1,150.00US$750.00
Babylon IdiomasSpainIntensive 201 week€60€160€195.00(HB)€210View Profile
Babylon IdiomasSpainSuper intensive 301 week€60€230€195.00(HB)€210View Profile
Babylon IdiomasSpainImmersion 20 + 5 individual classes1 week€60€330€195.00(HB)€210View Profile
Babylon IdiomasSpainImmersion 20 + 10 Individual classes1 week€60€470€195.00(HB)€210View Profile
inlingua BarcelonaSpainSpanish Intensive group 20 lessons weekly2 weeks €40€340€228.00(HB)€199View Profile
inlingua BarcelonaSpainSpanish Immersion one-to one 60 lessons weekly1 week€40€2050€228.00(HB)€199View Profile
Malaga SiSpainIntensive 201 week€30€205.9 €285.00(FB)€280 View Profile
Central Coneecticut State UniversityUSAIntensive English Lanugage and American Culture level 1-58 weeksUS$100.00US$2,500.00US$1,827.00View Profile
Montreal International Institute of Language Arts (M.I.I.L.A.)CanadaFrench as a Second language Part time (15hrs/week)1 weekCA$100.00CA$162.00CA$200.00CA$170.00View Profile
Speakeasy Language School BarcelonaSpain20h/week Intensive Spanish Course1 week€35.00€115.00€224.00€24/nightView Profile
Central CollegeIrelandGeneral English1 week€50.00€190.00€185.00€180.00View Profile
ExpanishArgentinaIntensive Spanish 301 weekUS$75.00US$285.00US$295.00US$230.00