How Does It Work?

If you are thinking about studying abroad but do not know where to start then Equinox Education Services is here to assist you. Equinox works with fully qualified schools that we’ve personally vetted from all over the world offering a huge variety of courses and programs .

Step 1. Register with us. You’ll receive an email from us with your password and the first time you log in using it you’ll be brought to The Equinox Trip Builder Questionnaire.

Step 2. Fill in The Equinox Trip Builder Questionnaire in as much detail as possible.

Step 3. We will contact you with a number of options based on the information you’ve given. This advice is FREE; our recommendations will be impartial and we’ll take pride in finding the most suitable options available.

Step 4. Once you have decided which school you want to go to Equinox is here to assist you with every step of the process to make your dream study trip a reality.

Step 5. Enjoy your unique study abroad experience!


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