Why Study in Ireland?

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Ireland’s worldwide reputation for high quality education is built on the solid foundation of commitment to excellence. Ireland is a beautiful island, combining contemporary modern cities with an unspoilt countryside, cityscapes steeped in history and a rich natural habitat. Renowned for friendliness, our safe, English speaking country offers the warmest of welcomes to students from all over the world. Join the growing number of international students choosing Ireland to fulfil their potential.


Ireland has a long history of welcoming international students going back more than a thousand years. In the dark ages of 7th century Europe, Ireland was a beacon of learning, and students from around the continent travelled to study in Irish monasteries.  We continue that proud and historic tradition today, and for the past 50 years Ireland has been a location of choice from students around the world, including North America, Europe, the Gulf and Asia.

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An education in Ireland is a transformational experience, which adds significant value to the personal development and economic potential of our graduates and binds them to the global Irish family, a network which will continue to be open to them no matter where in the world they travel.

US President Barack Obama has called the Irish people “among the best educated in the world”.


  • We are a small, safe and friendly country.
  • Great selection of excellent schools .
  • Our people are renowned for attributes such as innovation, creativity and collaboration.
  • We are a member of the European Union, and have extensive global links through our worldwide diaspora.
  • We are an English-speaking country with a unique cultural heritage.
  • We have an education system that has had a long history of international engagement and which is globally respected.
  • We offer a remarkable student experience.


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