Transition Year Abroad (Non-English Speaking Countries)

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Secondary School Abroad Programs

A student ( teenager ) who enrols in a Language Course during the academic year will usually find that their classmates are older teenagers or adults. Typically Language Courses tend to enrol more teenagers during school holidays. Equinox Education Services is happy to offer independent and expert advise to students who wish to join a Language course. The partners we have carefully selected are happy to accept mature 15+ students during the academic year but you should be aware you will probably be studying with classmates who are older.

Equinox Education Services  would recommend that Transition year students who wish to travel during the academic year should give serious consideration to the Secondary School Abroad programme because they will be studying and interacting with peers of their own age group.

Highlights of Secondary School Programme

  • Complete immersion in culture
  • Live with a host family and really learn the culture
  • Less possibility to talk in English
  • Unparalleled in terms of improving fluency
  • Study all subjects through the native language
  • Experience a different education system
  • Learn tolerance and acceptance
  • Challenge yourself to become more independent
  • Become more mature and self confident

List of Destinations

Equinox Education Services works in association with partner schools and organizations to offer a wide variety of destinations and durations for clients interested in the Secondary Schools Abroad program .

Below you can find a list of some of the destinations and prices we offer . Equinox is available for independent and expert advise to make your dream study abroad experience a reality .





France Academic  year €20,990
France Public Semester €1,990
Paris Public Fall term €6,150
Paris Public Semester €8,095
Paris Public Academic Year €11,795
Cholet Private Fall term €5,295
Cholet Private Semester €6,895
Cholet Private Academic Year €9,950
Oloron Private Academic Year €8,395
Rodez Private Fall term €4,550
Rodez Private Semester €5,790
Rodez Private Academic Year €8,090
Angers Private Fall term €4,995
Angers Private Semester €6,450
Angers Private Academic Year €9,350
Segre Private Fall term €4,695
Segre Private Semester €5,995
Segre Private Academic Year €8,495
China Public Semester US$12,565
China Both Academic year US$ 21,465
Philippines Both Academic Year US$20, 175
Argentina Both Semester (5 months) US$5,195
Argentina Both Academic Year US$6,175
Brazil Private Semester US$6,285
Brazil Private Academic Year US$7815
Montreal Public Semester CA$14,000
Montreal Public Academic Year CA$23,850
Toronto Public Academic Year CA$25,550
Canada Private Academic Year On request
Chile Private Term €3,095
Chile Private Semester €4,120
Chile Private Academic Year €4,990
Costa Rica
Costa Rica Public US$8,100
Ecuador Both Semester US$5,100
Ecuador Both Academic Year US$6,995
Germany Public Semester €3,590
Germany Public Academic Year €5,300
Germany Public Term €3,500
Germany Public Semester €5,695
Germany Public Academic Year €8,195
Italy Public Semester(EU) €4,620
Italy Public Academic Year (EU) €5,520
Italy Public Semester (non EU) €5,595
Italy Public Academic Year (non EU) €6,195
Japan Public Academic Year JPY727,200
Tokyo Private Various Upon Request
Osaka Private Various Upon Request
Hiroshima Private Various Upon Request
Mexico Public Semester €3,940
Mexico Public Academic Year €4,995
The Netherlands Public Academic Year €6,995
Portugal Public Academic Year €4,380
Spain Public Winter term €5,600
Spain Public Semester €5,890
Spain Public Academic  Year €8,395
Madrid or Barcelona Public Winter Term €6,695
Madrid or Barcelona Public Semester €7,695
Madrid or Barcelona Public Academic Year €12,090
Granada Private Winter term €5,610
Granada Private Semester €7,650
Granada Private Academic year €11,400
Granada Public Academic Year €8,095
Russia Public Semester €5,995
Russia Public Academic Year €7,995
Thailand Public Semester US$4,195
Thailand Public Academic Year US$5,995

Please contact about individual programs for exact details )

Included in these programs

  • Administration Fees
  • School Registration & Tuition
  • Some school field trips
  • Airport Transfers
  • Text Books
  • Transportation to/from school
  • Accommodation ( Mostly with Local host family – Half or Full Board )
  • Medical , Liability and Emergency Repatriation Insurance
  • Support and assistance, 24 hours emergency phone number during the whole program ( Local Contact )

Not Included

  • Visa Fees
  • International Airfare
  • Personal Expenses and pocket money
  • Extra activities arranged by host school
  • Extra Language Courses if required
  • Lunches taken in cafeterias and restaurants
  • Travel Insurance ( Luggage , Delayed flight etc )

If you are interested in studying abroad then why not let Equinox Education Services give you complimentary expert advise to make your dream trip a reality. Go to our trip builder page to let us know how we can help you!