2019 set to be Equinox’s busiest year for bringing students to Ireland

For many of us the oft-repeated and ubiquitous phrase, “past performance is no guarantee of future results” comes to mind when forward planning from one year to another. This maxim also rings true for all of us at Equinox Education Services, where we view every year as a blank page in which we strive to be the very best that we can be for ourselves, our clients and our students.

Last year was no different as we welcomed students from several different counties to Ireland, each with a different set of expectations governing what they want to achieve from their experience here. Our visitors ranged from individual academic students, students in small to large groups and in every instance, we can confidently say that our team met and exceeded what each client was looking for through our flexible and collaborative approach.

Equinox will take this philosophy into 2019 and improve on it, having carefully surveyed and listened to our clients’ needs last year. As a result of this feedback we are broadening the scope of programmes we will be offering this year. For example, next summer these will include bespoke business and entrepreneurial programmes delivered via modules designed to introduce high-school students to the principles of product and service design, marketing, presentations and team building. For the more creatively-minded student, Equinox will be introducing tailor-made drama based programmes. All of Equinox’s summer programmes will be delivered through English and be run alongside foreign language courses and activities for Irish students, thereby ensuring a truly international mix.

In 2019 we will deliver a variety of short-term tailor-made cultural and learning programmes for our Asian clients, which something that is not mirrored by any other Irish organisation in our industry.  Overall 2019 is set to be Equinox’s busiest year for bringing students to Ireland, with some 700+ students from different destinations all over the world set to enjoy our unique culture and heritage.

That said, our aim is not about attracting sheer numbers of students, but rather promoting our range of quality programmes in association with local educational institutions here in Ireland, that we will know will guarantee our clients an unforgettable and special experience.

Below is a small sample of the many testimonials that we have recently received from our overseas partners which reflect this.

The Equinox team distinguished itself as very professional and friendly. It was a pleasure to work with all Equinox team who are always willing to adjust to the students’ profile and clients’ requests. The Business Programme that Equinox offered to our students was both an opportunity to practice spoken English and make a public presentation as well as a thorough exercise in which students thought out all aspects of a real business” Claudia; Romania partner 2018 – returning 2019.

Our Romanian partner – Claudia

“It´s been long since we started working with Equinox in Ireland, and we have to say we love the warm treatment and care that they give to all students and agents. A company run by good people ready to help, to innovate, to improve and to grow with their clients. All of that always in a very nice work environment. They are a good example of the Irish culture and people. They are part of our Team in Ireland. We expect a successful future together with their team.” Miguel; one of our Spanish Partners 2016 – 18, returning 2019.

One of our Spanish Partners – Miguel

“I’m delighted and proud that I.S.E.S Japan became the first official partner of Equinox Education Services in 2005. Noel and I share a passion about how overseas education and cultural experiences can enrich the life of a student by broadening their horizons and improving their life skills. During our partnership our two oganisations have planned and delivered multiple bespoke programmes across the world, each unique to a client’s requirements, but always beyond the highest standards of care, special personal attention and flexibility that every trip deserves. I would have no hesitation of recommending Noel and his team to deliver on ‘your’ vision for an overseas programme, no matter how challenging your requirements might be”.  Mr. Sakuratani, one of our Japanese partners since 2005 and retuning again 2019.


One of our Japanese partners – Mr. Sakuratani 

If you are looking for a unique learning or cultural experience in 2019 with the the very highest standards in quality, flexibility, value for money and service delivery, why not give us a call and find out what we can do for you today? Tel: (059) 9179340 or Email: info@equinox4study.com