WHY A SUMMER IN IRELAND?                      

* Ireland will be the only English-speaking nation in the EU after Brexit

* Irish universities are ranked in the top 3% of universities worldwide

* Ireland ranks 3rd of 35 OECD countries participating in PISA tests

* A total of 119,000 students came to learn English in Ireland from 101 countries in 2016

* Ireland is a peaceful nation, placed 10th in the 2017 just after countries such as Canada, Japan, and Finland

The Summer Programme with us is a consistent infusion of English language study, an immersion into the Irish culture and history, entertainment, shopping, friends and much more. It’s also the perfect occasion for learners to practice both social language, communicating in interpersonal contexts, as well as the academic language, learning and communicating in formal educational-like context, such as the Cambridge exam preparation and assessment activities.

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