This year, Equinox Education Services and Fly High English Academy have joined forces in a partnership that will transform a summer school in Ireland into a valuable experience.This partnership of two international language providers is bringing together their reputable experiences and their student-centred approach to learning. Together, we offer over 20 years of world-wide educational expertise as well as over 5 years of Cambridge English examination experience. We are committed to providing all necessary skills to improve and refine your English language proficiency, creating a positive learning experience in a friendly environment by means of a well-rounded education, considering the students’ different learning styles and backgrounds.


Cloudia Cochina
Founder & Managing Director of Fly High English Academy





“It has been a pleasure for me to work with and admire Claudia. She brings exceptional energy, intelligence and organizational ability to her many enterprises”

Ms. Gemma Hussey, former Minister of Education of the Republic of Ireland.

Noel Doyle
Founder & Managing Director Equinox Education Services





“It´s been long since we started working with Equinox in Ireland […]. They are a good example of the Irish culture and people. They are part of our Team in Ireland. We expect a successful future together with their team.” 

Miguel Prim, General Manager, H4 Languages and Fun