About Equinox Community


Equinox Education Services is pleased to announce our ‘Equinox On-Line Community’, a new digital portal for our current and former students to come together to share fun experiences and ideas, as well as enjoy a range of services such as learning tools, study guides, Irish cultural lessons, guides, social activities and on-line parties.  Full details will be announced later this summer.

Members will also have access to specially discounted on-lines learning programmes, which will be available from August and September 2020, such as: –

  • Intensive 2 Week Academic Preparation course;
  • On-Line Cambridge English Preparation course (Levels B1 to C1);
  • One-One Academic assistance & English support classes.

Whilst the catalyst for the growing demand for remote learning can certainly be attributed to Coronavirus pandemic, the benefits for communicating, teaching, and learning through on-line technology have become immediately apparent.

The ‘Equinox On-Line Community’ is a welcome addition, rather than a substitute for our regular programmes, camps and learning centers , which will all return as normal when safe to do so.  It is also an ideal way for our alumni to keep in touch with friends and all things Irish, as well as continuing their English studies after they have returned home.  With over 35 years’ combined experience, the Equinox team are ideally placed to support and teach our students online.

For further details about the on-line learning programmes, please click one each of the options below.

The On-Line Community courses and classes will begin in August and September 2020. Prices on application to info@equinox4study.com or +353879975625     


Noel and Team Equinox