Summer Adult English Course

Join our specialised English Language classes for adults this July in Carlow, Ireland. Learn English using a communicative approach by focusing on speaking English and listening to English.

Carlow International English Language School (CIELS) and Equinox Education Services (EES), two indigenous, Carlow-based language service providers, are teaming up to provide high quality English Language classes for adults this summer, that are prepared by a Cambridge DELTA accredited Director of Studies.  The collaboration will be the second time both organisations have come together to deliver a high-quality programme based in Carlow and follows on from their successful study and cultural exchange programme between a group of 37 students from a co-educational High School near Yokohama, Japan and student groups from Italy, Finland and Holland in March 2018.

The English Adult Classes are predominately aimed at adults looking to combine a cultural trip or holiday with an opportunity to improve their English, and will be facilitated in Carlow throughout July 2019. Students can elect to study in cycles of either two or three weeks (15 hours per week) in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, where the teachers will focus on a communicative approach to develop a student’s learning. Outside of class times both organisations are happy to assist students with planning activities and excursions during their time in Ireland.

3 Reasons why you should learn English in Ireland?

  • Ireland will be the only English-speaking nation in the EU after Brexit
  • Irish universities are ranked in the top 3% of universities worldwide
  • Ireland is a peaceful nation, placing 10th in the 2017 just after countries such as Canada, Japan, and Finland

The Course : Learn English using the Communicative Approach

The curriculum and modules for the course will incorporate some of the learning methodology outlined below.

Focus on speaking English and listening to English.

  • Ireland is a native English speaking country. We want our learners to benefit from this. Speak with your classmates, host families and locals.
  • Come here to use and develop your English. Grammar and syntax are important but our classes focus on giving learners the opportunity to speak English.

Learners do the talking!

  • Learners need to practice their English Language. Our teachers give classes that allow the learners to speak and develop their English.
  • Our teachers provide the language, setting and opportunity – our learners do the talking!

Be happy learning

* A happy learner is a productive learner.

* Our teachers create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere so our learners can be comfortable and confident speaking English.


  • Conversation starters.
  • Keeping up the conversation.
  • Mini Presentation Skills.​
  • ‘Small talk’ sessions.
  • Discovering new cultures.


Every week during July 2019



Bookings can be made through the link below or with either organisation via CIELS at  and + 353 9142066 or Equinox at / +353 59 9179340