Equinox Education Services Limited provide client services in the Republic of Ireland to a number of overseas institutions and organisations in the form of in-bound (into Ireland) Educational and Cultural Programmes via summer and winter programmes, as well public placing EU and non EU students into both public and private secondary schools for the academic year and longer. The company also facilitates short and long-term placement of Irish students in study-abroad Programmes and cultural experiences overseas (out of Ireland).

Equinox's ethos is to deliver bespoke programmes and experiences, which are tailor-made to their clients' specific needs and requirements within a safe and secure environment.

EES unique Programmes includes facilitating diverse groups such as a touring Japanese High School Choir to Ireland (Mukogawa Girls Junior and High schools choir performing tour of Ireland in April 2017, which culminated in their winning of The Lady Dorothy Mayer Memorial Trophy at the Cork International Choral Festival), marching bands, arts and crafts students. EES also facilitates conventional summer camp Programmes in four different counties in Ireland.


“Our mission is to deliver tailor-made learning and cultural experiences for groups and individuals and to promote internationalism through education and culture”