This month will see the influx of nearly 300 foreign students to our four summer camps in Carlow, Kilkenny, Kildare and Tipperary, where they will benefit from  immersive cultural learning programmes. The camps, which are held at local school sites annually, take students from across Europe and Asia to learn a range of subjects including written and grammatical English, conversational skills, Business, Irish Culture, role plays, drama and sports.

The students also get the opportunity to enjoy fully supervised field trips and recreational activities on weekends. An essential element of the experience for students is living with a host family, where they can further advance their English ability in a safe and secure environment.

Another visiting Japanese group earlier this year at the Institute of Technology, Carlow, together with International Students from the Institute’s Erasmus programme. Also pictured is teacher Claire Kavanagh from CIELS and Noel Doyle and Paul Dunne from Equinox.

Speaking ahead of this year’s summer camps Managing Director Noel Doyle said “our summer camps are an important factor in our drive to promote internationalism among our students and this summer we are delighted to welcome them from a diverse range of different cultures including Spain, France, Romania, Italy, Germany and Japan, where they will all benefit from immersive and tailored learning and integration programmes”.

Buddies are ready for our 2018 Carlow Summer Centre

Teachers and Leaders ahead of our 2018 Carlow Summer Centre programmes

One of the featured programmes this summer is ‘Start-Up’ business English, which is run alongside Equinox Education Services’ usual ESL classes, sporting activities and excursions, and is designed to give students an introduction to the business world and aid their personal development, by encouraging them work in separate teams to conceptualise a business idea (via eight separate modules in the field and the classroom). The students then present them in a number of different formats (3D, video, PowerPoint, traditional) to a panel of our teachers and leaders. Each member of the lucky winning team will receive a Lenovo tablet.

The ‘Start-Up English’ programme is facilitated by Equinox Education Services Ltd in conjunction with our Spanish partner H4 Idiomas y ocio. For Further information please see (For English, click translate on the landing page): –

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