To use an oft-quoted phrase these days “these are unprecedented and uncertain times”. Well they surely are. Having been involved in International education for twenty-five years through major unforeseen emergencies such SARS, Iceland’s volcanic Ash Cloud, Swine Flu, etc, the COVID 19 pandemic has by far been the the most detrimental for us. First and foremost however, I am happy to report all our students and their families are all fine and coping with the crises as best they can.

On March 13th when our Taoiseach ( Prime Minister) announced all schools were to close initially for two weeks, we as guardians responsible for 20 international teenagers under our care went into protective mode to ensure the safety and care of our International family. Following close consultations with our Host Families, Schools, Agents and indeed the students themselves, we began the “Equinox COVID 19 Action Plan”. Over the past four weeks we have worked tirelessly with everyone to repatriate students (some 90%) who wanted to return to their families in their respective home countries, and to accommodate those students who wished to stay in Ireland (around 10%). At first, the lock-down appeared to be only a short,  two-week measure, but as time went on the severe reality made itself clear, with so much uncertainty prevailing, even now.

Equinox Education Services remain dedicated to looking after all our stakeholders, all be it remotely at present, to make sure they have all the assistance they are accustomed to from us at all times. While the future remains some what uncertain,we look forward to welcoming the 2020/2021 academic year students in September and hopefully by then things will have returned to some type of normality.  Staying positive and proactive has always been at the core of what Equinox Education Services is all about and we look forward to continuing this for many years to come. In the meantime, please stay safe everyone

Noel and Team Equinox