Our Study Abroad Directory is a valuable tool for anyone interested in studying abroad and includes information on various schools offering short and long term programmes to students from Ireland of all ages. Please click on the Directory image below to access it.

Directory Contents

  • About Equinox Education Services

  • History

  • How it Works

  • Testimonials / Case Study

  • Why Study Abroad?

  • Benefits of Study Abroad

  • List of Language Schools, Language Academies and institutes featured in our Study Abroad Directory

  • Abbreviations, Colour Codes for Schools, & Contact Information

  • Application Forms

Who is the Directory for?

The Equinox Study Abroad Directory is available Free of Charge to all schools, teachers, parents and students in Ireland that are interested in study abroad. We also offer a comprehensive counselling service to assist students with their study abroad plans.


Equinox Education Services is currently preparing a new 2020/21 edition of the Study Abroad Directory, which we will be delighted to launch in September 2020. The updated Directory will contain a much more comprehensive array of country facts, listings, study abroad advice and interesting articles as well easy to read info graphics. We look forward to bringing it to you shortly.


To see a copy of the current Directory, simply click the image above.

The Directory is electronic and is updated automatically.