Getting the most out of your school trip with Equinox

Equinox Education Services have over 20 years experience of delivering the most rewarding, tailor-made study abroad opportunities for students. Our bespoke trips not only allow young people to learn a new a language to a high standard in a country of their choice, but to do so immersed in the culture and often with a local host family.

Too often in Ireland, TY (Transition Year) trips abroad are about historical tours, with no emphasis on learning, using the indigenous language or interacting with the locals… Equinox Education Services would like to change this.

Our vision is for Irish schools to become more involved in learning new languages and acquire a truly enriching learning experience. Integral to this is encouraging young people to spend time with host families, experiencing local culture, food and traditions.

The ratio of Irish students to International students through our language programmes within various activities like sport, culture exchange and sight-seeing encourages the students level of self-growth, worldly experience and self-confidence amongst peers from different backgrounds.

We work with several overseas schools in many destinations, including France, Spain, Italy and many more and have the expertise to design programmes that fit all budgets and requirements.

Why not contact us today and let us work with your school to deliver a fantastic exchange experience for all involved!

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