Intensive 2 Weeks Academic Preparation Course

In addition to arranging academic semester or year programmes in Ireland, Equinox is pleased to offer an intensive on-line Academic Studies preparation programme, which is designed to give students a foundation to get ready for life as a student at an Irish Secondary School.

This programme consists of a full range of on-line classes to give students a firm foundation over a 2-week period.

Equinox knows that it can be a big shock for students to settle into a new school environment, particularly in a different country with a new language. Our on-line preparation program helps students ease into life at an Irish secondary school by providing them with subjects such as:

· English for School life
· Academic Conversation
· History & Geography Vocabulary
· Study & Exam Skills
· Education System in Ireland
· Essay and report Writing
· Presentation Skills
· Science Vocabulary
· Maths Vocabulary
· School Life in Ireland


Age Group: 13-17 years
Class Size: 15 (max)
Course Duration: 2 Week Program
Lessons Per week: 15 Hours

Sample Timetable

(Subject To Change)

How Do I Apply?

Please download and submit and application form HERE or you can Call us at 059 9179340 or WhatsApp message us at 087 9975625. 

Alternatively, you can email to secure your booking or should you have any questions.

 Equinox very much look forward to helping local students on the next stage of their language journey.

Covid-19 Information

  1. Due to the prevailing concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, class-based* lessons are strictly restricted to 7 students in total, who will be socially-distanced and be required observe health and safety protocols in compliance with both the building’s and Equinox’s own Fáilte Ireland accredited COVID-19 Safety Charter. 
  2. On-Line group lessons are also available on request*.  

*In the event of additional Level 5 restrictions at this time ALL classes will be taught online for the duration of the lockdown.

Our Award Winning Approach

At Equinox Education Services we select the most suitable programs that are located in great places, offering you lots of things to see and plenty of things to do. All of our programs are tailor-made to enrich your journey towards learning culture and learning your language ability, while at the same time broadening your horizons and opening your mind and gaining fluency. You will get to do this with people who enjoy and appreciate the experience as much as you do.

Meet The Team

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make new friends and have a trip of a lifetime? Would you like to explore new cultures, learn new languages and experience life through a different point of view?

We pride ourselves in finding the right programs for you, whether it is learning Japanese and Calligraphy in Kyoto, to going to High school in the Hawaii. Equinox Education Services is here for YOU!

It has been a great pleasure to work with Noel and his team at Equinox Education Services for the past 5 years and we look forward to many more years of cooperation. They have been very helpful in providing all the complete information about the primary and Secondary School education system in Ireland for parents from Malaysia. Equinox Education Services has successfully arranged and hosted a group of 15 Malaysian students to experience the Irish Education and live with locals for a month during the winter in 2015. We are consistently working with Equinox in promoting Ireland as the destination for education from primary to secondary level......”
CK Chiau

MyStudy Malayasia

It was by accident that we met Equinox a couple of years ago, but we couldn’t be luckier. They are an amazing team. Always caring about the students, willing to help and make life easier to students and agents. And the best point are their host families: great people, always thinking about the wellness of the students. In conclusion, Equinox came to our lives as a surprise, but an excellent surprise that we can only recommend”.
Silvia García

Speak & Go, Spain

“After 2 years working as a partner with Equinox, we can highlight the professionalism of their team and the caring that they have had to our students. It´s a pleasure to collaborate with them. We feel our students are safe and in good hands”
Araceli Gordillo

AM Transnational, Spain

The Equinox team distinguished itself as very professional and friendly. It was a pleasure to work with all Equinox team who are always willing to adjust to the students’ profile and clients’ requests. The Business Programme that Equinox offered to our students was both an opportunity to practice spoken English and make a public presentation as well as a thorough exercise in which students thought out all aspects of a real business.“
Claudia Cochină

Fly High English Academy, Romania

“I’m delighted and proud that I.S.E.S Japan became the first official partner of Equinox Education Services in 2005. Noel and I share a passion about how overseas education and cultural experiences can enrich the life of a student by broadening their horizons and improving their life skills. During our partnership our two oganisations have planned and delivered multiple bespoke programmes across the world, each unique to a client’s requirements, but always beyond the highest standards of care, special personal attention and flexibility that every trip deserves. I would have no hesitation of recommending Noel and his team to deliver on ‘your’ vision for an overseas programme, no matter how challenging your requirements might be.“
Hiroshi Sakuratani

Director, ISES JAPAN

Equinox are always there for you, and I value them even more when something needs their immediate attention. Their capacity as a team to solve any issue is fast and effective. I would highly recommend them as a company”
Siobhàn Mc Ardle

Language Activities International, Spain

Equinox offers a combination of things that I think many parents and agents are looking for: an international atmosphere, a project not too big yet not too small, and a really genuine welcoming atmosphere both from the school itself and the host families. Being located an hour from Dublin - in the ‘real’ Ireland as it were - our Italian teens were able to get a unique experience of life in a place very different to Rome and it certainly did not disappoint!
Jonathan Hedley

ATW, Italy

We have been working with EQUINOX for quite a number of years; we do hope it will continue for many more years. Dealing with them is both efficient and pleasant. A question? We get the answer at once, whatever the moment of day or night. I think they must live, eat, chat, drive and sleep with their earphones connected to as to be ready at any time. In addition; always pleasant, in the best of moods and funny. And that is not all: sometimes we get the answer before we even think of asking the question. How do they do it? No idea: but that’s Equinox. It’s great to know them.
Gérard Wiener

Prolingua, France

“Its been long since we started working with Equinox in Ireland, and we have to say we love the warm treatment and care that they give to all students and agents. A company run by good people ready to help, to innovate, to improve and to grow with their clients. All of that always in a very nice work environment. They are a good example of the Irish culture and people. They are part of our Team in Ireland. We expect a successful future together with their team.”
Miguel Prim

General Manager, H4 Languages and Fun, Spain

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