Spiritual and Ecclesiastical Programme

Ireland is world-renowned as a destination for its outstanding natural beauty, but it also has a spiritual heartland, famed for its pagan and Celtic mysticism. Many of Ireland’s sacred places in fact pre-date some of the ancient pyramids of Egypt, with sites such as the burial mounds in Newgrange said to be aligned by Celtic astrologers to the Winter Solstice on the 21st December. Legends involving druids and Celtic gods and many abbeys, monastic venues and churches throughout Ireland had pagan origins, but are mostly now immersed in Christianity.

Equinox’s Spiritual and Ecclesiastical Programme is designed for those wishing to experience spirituality on a deeply personal level and how it in turn, it relates to the pagan and Celtic tradition, the land and Ireland’s ecclesiastical heritage.

This 7 day / 8-night programme is facilitated in conjunction with Teach Bhride, a spiritual retreat (and former Brigidine Sisters Convent) based in County Carlow.

Age Group: 18+                                                      Class Size: Maximum 20   

Course Duration: 7 Days / 8 Nights’           Accommodation:  Residential at Teach Bhride (Max 20) Also Open to non-residential Participants                                                                                                      Residential Retreat in Carlow

County Carlow in south east Ireland, makes it an ideal base for ecclesiastical and spiritual lectures and a starting point for field trips to various sites (both ecclesiastical and pagan) in Carlow and beyond. The programme also incorporates the retreat’s own work in the area of spiritual understanding and reflection, with emphasis on Celtic spirituality (incorporating an individual’s Celtic understanding of the inter-connectivity of all things physical and spiritual).

The programme explores all aspects of Celtic history and its shapers, faith systems, atheism, spirituality and pilgrimage, helping the course attendees achieve self-actualisation by reflecting on the ‘landscape of our heart and the landscape of our living’ and our place in the world, then and now.

All of our team look forward to welcoming you on your spiritual journey!

Sample Schedule 

Prices on application to info@equinox4study.com or +353879975625