Tailor made academic & Cultural programmes in Japan

Group Visits to Japan

Equinox Education Services in association with ISES JAPAN has 50 years experience in the field of international education and cultural programmes. ISES JAPAN (www.istudy.com)  was established in 1968 and is one of Japanese premier Educational Agencies.

Equinox Education Services is very proud to partner with ISES JAPAN since 2005.

 We also work with a variety of societies so if you are planning a trip to Japan for your school, group, club or team then Equinox Education Services and ISES JAPAN can make your dream trip become a reality. Together we work in association with a number of private schools and organisations in Japan to deliver unique programmes for overseas schools and groups wishing to visit the Land of the Rising Sun.

A vibrant island nation

Japan is a nation of contrasts. The bright lights, ultra-modern culture and fast pace of Japan have no comparison on Earth, but neither does the peace and serenity of the Japanese countryside. Nowhere else in the world do people embrace cutting-edge technology, popular culture and new fashions so eagerly. At the same time, few places on Earth still observe traditions that are centuries old.

Fun and friendly people

Japanese people are known for being polite, but they are also fun, friendly and warm people. During your school visit to Japan you will make new friends and experience Japanese culture to its fullest.

A trip you will never forget

There is a lot to see and do in Japan. It will be a completely new experience for you, and your exchange programme in Japan will be the most exciting time of your life. In addition to making new friends and getting to know Japanese culture, you might:

  • Experience school life in Japan

  • Perform in Japan ( Music & Arts groups)

  • Make friendships that can last a lifetime

  • Live with a Japanese Host Family

  • Check out the cool fashion scene in Tokyo, Osaka , Hiroshima etc

  • Embarrass yourself, but also have a lot of fun, at a karaoke club

  • Witness the majestic Mount Fuji , Osaka Castle , Hiroshima Dome

  • Visit Universal Studios Japan , Tokyo Disneyland

  • Cheer with the crowds at a baseball game

  • Try authentic sushi and other Japanese foods

  • Learn about traditional Japanese culture, such as kabuki theatre


School Visits to Japan

Why not let Equinox Education Services and ISES JAPAN put together a wonderful programme for your students in Japan? We work in association with a variety of schools in Japan to make sure your students have a once in a lifetime experience in Japan.

Cultural trips to Japan

Why not let Equinox Education Services & ISES JAPAN put together a wonderful programme for your sports , arts , music group or indeed society. ISES has years of experience and work in association with several clubs and societies around Japan.

Music – Art – Sports – Culture – Choral etc……….

Sample Choral Group Programme

Day 1 Arrive in Japan


Transfer from Airport and Free time for shopping


Day 2 Full Day Sightseeing in Osaka  


Osaka Castle , Ride Aqualiner , Aasahi Beer Brewery , Osaka Aquarium


Day 3 Full day Sightseeing in Kyoto


Kinkaku Temple , Kiyomizu-Dera Temple , Sanjyu-Sangen-do


Visit Santory Yamazaki Distillery

Day 4  

AM: Visit local University to experience Japanese Tea Ceremoney, Calligraphy & Flower arrangement.


PM :Perform a charity concert at beautiful local concert hall
Day 5 AM : Free Time

PM : Sightseeing in Nara, Todaiji Temple , Kasuga Shrine , Nara Deer park and visit Giant Budda.


Day 6 AM : Free Time

PM : Charity Concert at Tamamizu Church with Local choral group.



Followed by party with local choral group and special guests.


Day 7 & 8  

Free Day free. Take time to explore Osaka city, shops and restaurants.


Day 9 Depart Japan

Individual Study Abroad Trips in Japan

Equinox Education Services in association with ISES JAPAN work with a variety of public and private schools in Japan to arrange study abroad trips for individual students or friends who wish to travel together.

What we can offer:

  • Attend a local school that’s is carefully selected for you
  • Live with a local host family
  • Experience all aspects of Japanese culture
  • All trips tailor-made
  • Support in Ireland and in Japan
  • Assistance with booking travel arrangements if required

“Staying with my host family was one of the highlights of my tree week stay in Japan . They were absolutely wonderful and so welcoming“

Malisa – Ireland

Sample Time Table and School Life


Period Start Finish
1 08:50 09:40
2 09:50 10:40
3 10:50 11:40
4 11:50 12:40
lunch 12:40 13:20
5 13:20 14:10
6 14:20 15:10


Period Start Finish
1 08:50 09:35
2 09:45 10:30
3 10:40 11:25
4 11:35 12:20
lunch 12:20 13:00
5 13:00 13:45
6 13:55 14:40
7 14:50 15:35

Class; Fuji (Second year in Senior High)

Lunch; Usually most of the students bring their lunch box (Obento) and eat in their class room. Your lunch box (Obento) will be provided by Host mother.

After Class; You already be aware that Japanese students clean their class rooms. After your class is over, students usually spend about 30-40mints to clean their class rooms. You probably have to join them to clean.

Sample List of Clubs at a Japanese Junior & Senior High School

You can try if you get chance!

Volleyball ESS Calligraphy
Basketball Drama Computer
Badminton Chorus Film research club
Dance Cooking Jogging club
Gymnastics Broadcasting Club Sience Club
Fencing Light music band Handicraft club
Soft Tennis Photography Manga club
Kendo Brass Band Folk Song Club
Table Tennis Art JRC Club (Junior Red Cross)

How does it work?


In 1987 ISES JAPAN changed status from being a non-profit organization to become a private independent company whose main activities are in the field of international education & study abroad services.

ISES JAPAN has been supporting Japanese students and adults to study overseas, to take great opportunities in their life and to make the world their stage. We arrange various programmes such as Homestay, Cultural Exchange, Intensive English Study, Sports Exchange and Choral Festival.

Nowadays, the world is getting closer and closer and because of the recent development of information technology, it is very easy to connect with people around the world. And we are very passionate about giving young people opportunities to see the world with their own eyes, to feel the differences and to become someone who sees the world with a different perspective.

ISES JAPAN also welcomes students from all over the world. We are delighted to let the world know our beautiful country, people, food, culture, art and heritage that we have been carrying on a long history of ours.