Equinox Education Services Ltd (EES) are now partnering with Nacel Open Door (NOD) Inc , to facilitate study opportunities in the United States for Irish and UK based students aged between 15 to 18.5 years old.  Students from these countries can avail of NOD student exchange programs safe in the knowledge that they will be supported before, during and after their trip to the U.S. by Equinox.

Both EES and NOD share a vision dedicated to promoting international understanding and language education. We believe that it is essential for young people to develop a deeper awareness of their role as citizens of the world through direct experience in other cultures and languages. NOD programs facilitate just such opportunities, in conjunction with homestay arrangements.      

What programs are available?  

Three programs are available to students; The Academic Year Program (AYP), the Private School Program (PSP) and Short Term Programs (STP) options.

The Academic Year Program (AYP)

With this program Nacel Open Door offers opportunities for families across the United States to host an international exchange student from one of the more than 35 countries, including the UK and Ireland. The Academic Year Program is ideal for students with J-1 visas looking for the essential foreign exchange experience: attending a local high school, improving their English language skills, and experiencing American culture and way of life. Students live with a host family and attend an American high school for either an academic semester (5 months) or an academic year s (10 months). Participating in a long-term academic program means total immersion in American life, and is an ideal way for some to achieve proficiency in the English language as well as gain a complete cross-cultural experience involving American home life and school.

Students must be at least 15 years of age and not more than 18.5 years of age by the time they arrive in the U.S.  Orientation is provided prior to leaving home by Equinox, as well as after arriving in the U.S. by NOD. Both students attending the program and their host families receive support from a trained and experienced Local Representative, who in turn is supported by an Area Coordinator and the Twin Cities-based National Office. This is back up by Equinox’s counselling and administration services on the other side of the Atlantic
The Private School Program (PSP)

The Private School Program (PSP) gives private high schools in the United States the opportunity to welcome qualified international students to their campuses. These students, who come on an F-1 visa, stay with host families in the schools’ communities and come with the goal of graduating from an American high school. These students typically come to the U.S. for more than one year (though not always to the same host family), and most hope to go on to attend an American college or university. PSP students and host families are also supported by Local Representatives, who in turn are supported by Regional Program Directors and the National Office, as well as Equinox in for further peace of mind.  
Short Term Programs (STP)

Nacel Open Door offers the opportunity for families in the United States to host a student for 2–8 weeks. These students typically come from France, Spain, Germany, and Mexico, but the program is also open to students from the UK and Ireland that book via Equinox. 

 With this program students have no activities or planned activities, and instead are entertained by their host families throughout the duration of the program.  With this option, NOD facilitate programs for organised groups and individual students, and strive to provide a range of educational and recreational options so that students can select a program that best suits your particular goals and time frame. NOD’s standard programs are three to four weeks in length, but can vary from one to five weeks.
How do I apply? 
Simply complete Equinox’s Trip builder enquiry form here, select the program you are interested and the dates you are available to participate. Please also add any specific questions that you might have. We will then revert as soon as possible about the next steps.  Alternately, you can place an enquiry directly with NOD here, which will be forwarded to us acknowledge and follow up.  
Who are Nacel Open Door (NOD)?


Nacel Open Door, Inc (NOD). is a nonprofit student exchange organisation dedicated to international understanding and language education.

The Nacel Open Door Difference

Since 1957, Nacel Open Door (NOD) has been one of the world’s leading student exchange programs, promoting a life-changing experience for its students and host families alike.

As one of the founding members of CSIET, quality exchange programs remain a cornerstone of NOD’s organisation. With a full range of programs —long term and short term, public and private, individual and group, in the U.S. and abroad – NOD can help you students explore the world.

The Heart of NOD

NOD believes that our world can be made better if today’s youth learns to understand and appreciate its cultural and linguistic diversity. Young people benefit from experiences that complement their classroom learning, help them develop an awareness of their role as world citizens, and instill in them an ability to enjoy and adapt to diversity and change. Opportunities to participate in such experiences must be accessible and affordable to as wide range of people as possible.
Immersion is the best way to become acquainted with another country’s people, heritage, and values. Living with a family provides a warm and secure setting for experiencing another culture. Programs without Host Family experiences should involve our students as closely as possible in the culture and life of the country in which they stay. The friendships that result from the sharing of family and cultural life encourage continued communication, growth, and understanding across borders.
 “We really have enjoyed working with you and your agency. It has been great!”   – Former PSP Host Family

Nacel Open Door’s programs have enrich the lives of many former students. Read about their experiences below

“This has been the best year of my life; so many new friends, I love my school, and my host family was great!”   – Enrico, AYP Alumni (pic)

Nacel Host Family

“This has been the best year of my life; so many new friends, I love my school, and my host family was great!”   – Cathy, AYP Alumni (pic)

“This exchange experience is an open ticket and you need to make the best of it and adjust to America.  It’s a life changing experience.  Very happy to have done it.”   – Benjamin, AYP Alumni (pic)

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