Back in April I wrote a blog about how all the team were coming to terms with the onset of the pandemic and how we were trying to adapt to the lock-down by working from home. It was an uncertain time for us all individually and for the business however, like many other organisations we agreed to take a proactive approach and meet any challenges head on.
The first of these was to ensure that all over our international students in Ireland were given every assistance possible, whether it be their wish to return home or stay in Ireland, we supported and guided them through the process, whilst at all times adhering to our government’s guidelines. I am pleased to say that the last of our international students have now returned safely home.  When it also became apparent that our core summer programmes were not going to be achieved it was a huge blow, nevertheless we have set about using this time as constructively and purposefully as possible in a number of ways, namely: –
  • By preparing for the next academic school year (2020/21);
  • By developing a suite of exciting new programmes and services, particularly for the adult market (details to be announced soon);
  • By developing a new on-line product for Irish students that wish to study abroad;
  • By setting up Equinox On-Line Community – a new website membership portal for former and existing students;
  • By upskilling team members though ongoing mentoring programmes, on-line courses and webinars;
  • By investing in a new state-of-the-art website and on-line new booking system (details to be announced soon);
  • By updating our Host family information in preparation to welcome back students, when safe to do so.
All of these initiatives would not be possible without the dedication of the team, local business and government assistance and the ongoing support of our loyal agent partners, host families, schools and students. The government’s phased road-map will see us return to our offices on August 10th, but this may be accelerated to an earlier date.  We therefore look forward to getting back on track and welcoming the next influx of students in the best shape and level of preparedness I could have ever wished for.

Noel and Team Equinox