Study in Ireland for a Year 

Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of studying overseas for a year are? Why would you take a year out of your life to Study in Ireland? Well, every year 100’s of International students do just that and we are delighted that each year we welcome students from Spain, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Germany among other destinations who come to us for their wonderful Study in Ireland experience. Our AYP ( Academic Year Program ) is open to students aged 12-18 years who wish to experience school life in Ireland. The program is available (at a wide variety of schools throughout the country (both public and fee-paying), with whom Equinox personally has long-established and close ties.

The Irish educational system is well-regarded for offering a broad range of academic subjects, and the ethos in all our recommended schools is always caring and supportive.

Why study in Ireland?

Attending High School / Secondary school abroad is a transformative experience but why should you choose Ireland?

  • Ireland has a long and prestigious tradition of delivering a first-class education.
  • Ireland is a very safe study destination. Ireland is consistently listed as one of the safest countries in the world, ranking in the top 15 in the Global Peace Index 2019, as well as ranked 12th most peaceful country.
  • TY or Transition Year is unique to Ireland and perfect for students coming for a year
  • Ireland is now the only English Speaking country in the EU
  • A great mix of city life and nature
  • Make friends and memories that can last a lifetime
  • Become more independent and mature
  • Irish people are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality.
  • Ireland has a young vibrant population with 40% under the age of 25.
  • Students from over 150 countries come to Ireland to study each year

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