Founded in 2005, Equinox Education Services (EES) is a multi award-winning company that promotes international education programmes and cultural experiences worldwide and in Ireland.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make new friends and have a trip of a lifetime? Would you like to explore new cultures, learn new languages and experience life through a different point of view?

All this and more is possible by participating in the wonderful world of study abroad. We pride ourselves in finding the right programmes for you, whether it is learning Japanese and Calligraphy in Kyoto, to going to High school in the Hawaii. Equinox Education Services is here for YOU!

At Equinox Education Services we select the most suitable programmes that are located in great places, offering you lots of things to see and plenty of things to do. All of our programmes are tailor-made to enrich your journey towards learning culture and learning your language ability, while at the same time broadening your horizons and opening your mind and gaining fluency. You will get to do this with people who enjoy and appreciate the experience as much as you do.