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Our Philosophy: ‘We’ Represent ‘You’ In Ireland

Reliable & High Quality Programs

It is our policy to do everything possible to make sure students of all ages experience a truly wonderful time through education and cultural awareness. The world today is a global community and we strive to deliver unique cultural and educational programs that at their core are reliable and are of the absolute highest quality comparable to anywhere worldwide.

English Speaking

English is the primary language of Ireland and our country has a long and prestigious tradition in providing first class secondary school education and one of the highest levels of university enrolment in Europe through the medium of the English language. Traditionally known as the land of saints and scholars, Ireland’s schools and universities rank amongst the very highest worldwide, including amongst other English speaking countries, so you really are getting the very best in English education when you come to Ireland.

Programs Tailored To Your Requirement

At the core of many of our programs is the development of communication skills in real life settings. As well as covering the four basic skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, we have designed varying activities that gives our students opportunities to practice their conversational skills with local students in a relaxed but supervised environment at a level that’s tailored to suit them.

Unrivalled Value For Money

An academic term or year abroad provides students with an invaluable opportunity for personal development, increasing cultural knowledge and awareness, and gaining confidence in using another language. The value for money we provide in facilitating this unique opportunity is second to none. When you consider the levels of support for students on our programs, this value becomes even more apparent.

15 Year Track Record Of Success

Equinox Education was established in 2005, and our tailor-made programs, that we run in association with our partner schools here in Ireland, have been continuously developed and refined ever since the first one was launched back in 2005. Always striving year after year to make our programs better for our students, our testimonials from past international students really do speak for themselves.

2021 Equinox Online Programs

  • Intensive 2 Week Academic Preparation Program
  • Equinox Online Cambridge Preparation Program
  • One to One Academic Support
  • Online Tailor-Made Group Programs

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Online Cambridge English Preparation Course

Equinox are delighted to offer a new on-line Cambridge English Preparation course from September 2020. These classes will take place in addition to our physical classes (attended by students studying in Ireland for the 2020/21 academic year).

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Intensive 2 Weeks Academic Preparation Course

In addition to arranging academic semester or year programmes in Ireland, Equinox is pleased to offer an intensive online Academic Studies preparation programme, which is designed to give students a foundation to get ready for life as a student at an Irish Secondary School.

Our Award Winning Approach

At Equinox Education Services we select the most suitable programs that are located in great places, offering you lots of things to see and plenty of things to do. All of our programs are tailor-made to enrich your journey towards learning culture and learning your language ability, while at the same time broadening your horizons and opening your mind and gaining fluency. You will get to do this with people who enjoy and appreciate the experience as much as you do.

Meet The Team

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make new friends and have a trip of a lifetime? Would you like to explore new cultures, learn new languages and experience life through a different point of view?

We pride ourselves in finding the right programs for you, whether it is learning Japanese and Calligraphy in Kyoto, to going to High school in the Hawaii. Equinox Education Services is here for YOU!

I am 20 years old and currently studying business administration in Germany. As part of my studies I was given the opportunity to take an internship abroad. I selected Ireland for my internship country because from an early age I have always wanted to travel to Ireland where the scenery is so beautiful and natural. I spent three weeks working in Ireland and found the country so gorgeous and all people friendly and lovable. On weekends I visited various towns and cities and which were all unique and lovely. Ireland is so multifarious. There are beautiful Cliffs in places such as Howth Galway and the Cliffs of Moher, which contrast so much with modern cities like Dublin. Not forgetting the little Irish Pubs with live music and Guinness, which all made for an unforgettable experience. I enjoyed my time in Ireland and I’m definitely coming back!
Rica Schewnerko


I think this is one of merits of studying abroad in Ireland. You can find different cultures between your countries, and you can learn new things. You can find new way of thinking, and you can think about new choices. Studying in Ireland will make you change yourself, and it’s really good opportunity to make yourself different. I think I changed a lot after I came to Ireland. I met a lot of people in here, and they told me about their experiences of their life. I was shocked a lot, and impressed with their opinions, because all these thinking were absolutely new things for me. If I didn’t take this opportunity to come to Ireland to study, I wouldn’t know these precious opinions from foreigners. Their opinions were sometimes about school, about personality, jobs, or lifestyle. All of these became big help for me in thinking about my future, school life, everything. Ireland was great experience for me, and it will be great memory for me throughout whole my life. I hope you can also meet great people, see great places, and have great moments from your exchange experience. It wasn’t easy, but I can affirm that the experience of studying in Ireland will change yourself and your life forever.
Masaki Masuda

Tokyo, Japan